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RSA at Chicago 2017
Biondo Flavio and his European Fortune

Organizers: Fabio Della Schiava (University of Bonn) and Frances Muecke (University of Sydney)

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A series of three panels on the European fortune of the Italian humanist Biondo Flavio (1392-1463), with a focus on the 15th and 16th century has been accepted by the organisers of RSA (Chicago 2017). 

Although recent studies have investigated some aspects of the European fortune of Biondo’s scholarship, the real entity of his legacy needs to be deepened and better evaluated, in particular with regards to four specific topics: the material reception of Biondo’s works through the study of manuscripts and printed editions of his works; the influence of Biondo’s works on the European culture and scholarship of the Renaissance, both in Latin and in the vernaculars; the role played by Biondo’s works epitomes and translations between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the transmission of his works; his influence in the Arts. 


Recently published

C. Bianca, “Il ritorno in curia di Biondo Flavio ed il ‘De expeditione in Turcos’ dedicato ad Alfonso d’Aragona”, Rinascimento Meridionale VII (2016), 7-33

I. G. Mastrorosa, “Ottaviano Augusto nella memoria storiografica quattrocentesca”, in Apis Matina. Studi in onore di Carlo Santini, ed. Aldo Setaioli (Trieste 2016), 470-80

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I Tatti Renaissance Library, Harvard University Press, vols. 74 and 75

Biondo Flav
io, Italy Illuminated Volume 2 Books V–VIII, edited and translated by Jeffrey A. White

Biondo Flavio, Rome in Triumph, Volume 1, Books I–II, translated by Frances Muecke, edited by Maria Agata Pincelli


The papers given in the Biondo panels at RSA 2014 have been published in A. Mazzocco and M. Laureys, A New Sense of the Past: The Scholarship of Biondo Flavio (1392-1463), Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia (Leuven 2016).

Augusto Campana, Ritratto romagnolo di Biondo Flavio, ed. M. Lodone (Cesena 2016)

F. Muecke, ‘Biondo and the Roman Elections’, Papers of the British School at Rome 84 (2016) 275-97

I. G. Mastrorosa, “Ottaviano Augusto nella memoria storiografica quattrocentesca”, in Apis Matina. Studi in onore di Carlo Santini, ed. Aldo Setaioli (Trieste 2016), 470-80


Future events


Past Events

Un Convegno a Forlì, 18 May 2012
“Intorno alla piazza del Comune. La cultura forlivese fra XIV e XV secolo: da Boccaccio e Checco di Meletto Rossi a Biondo Flavio”.

Conference held at the British School at Rome, 26-28 November, 2014
‘The Invention of Rome: Biondo’s Roma triumphans and its worlds’
Speakers included: Concetta Bianca, Maurizio Campanelli, Peter Fane-Saunders, Paul Gwynne, James Hankins, Giuseppe Marcellino, Ida Gilda Mastrorosa, Angelo Mazzocco, Frances Muecke, Agata Pincelli, Anne Raffarin, William Stenhouse.

British School at Rome, 25 November 2015
A lecture by Tanja Michalsky (Bibliotheca Hertziana)
 ‘Italia illus
trata’. The interaction of topographical descriptions and cartography in the works of Flavio Biondo and Leandro Alberti.

The Warburg Institute, London, 6-7 April, 2016
HistAntArtSI Colloquium / Antiquity in Italy (1 BC – 1800): Continuities and Refractions

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